One rise dough

We have been using this one rise dough for a while now as it suits groups who want a shorter morning’s or afternoon’s bread making session. It has just one rise and although bread is better for two chances to rise or for a nice long rise, this is nevertheless pretty good bread!

One rise loaf

500g bread flour (makes two small  loaves or around 12-15 rolls)
7g yeast (1 sachets/2 teaspoons)
salt (1 teaspoon)
300ml water (60% hydration)

Weigh out ingredients.
Add flour to bowl followed by all the other ingredients. Add yeast and salt to separate sides of your bowl.
Mix until all the liquid and flour have been absorbed together and the dough comes away cleanly from the bowl. Wipe the dough around the bowl like a cloth to pick up all the ingredients.
Knead the dough for 10-15 minutes until smooth, soft and elastic.
Add to your baking tin or shape (rolls, plaited loaf etc.)
Cover and leave to rise for an hour or so until its about doubled in size. (This will take longer in a cold or draughty spot so put it in a warm place if you can.)
Bake in a hot oven (220C/ gas mark 7/ 425F) until well browned on the top. Baking time will depend on the size of loaf or rolls – so rolls need about 10 minutes a single loaf will need 25-35 minutes.

‘Our Daily Bread’ encourage people to make two loaves. One is kept for their own enjoyment and the second is for them to give away to someone together with information about ‘Our Daily Bread’. You might give you bread to a neighbour, friend or someone at work, school or college or perhaps to someone you do not know who you think might welcome a loaf of handmade bread.