Extra flavours and textures for your dough

Bread dough can ‘carry’ a wide range of extra flavours and textures. We are all familiar with the granary loaf but why stop there? Almost any of your favourite flavours and textures can be added to your dough to create truly original breads with amazing tastes.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow though to help your dough cope with extra ingredients and make the most of them.

Dry ingredients are those that do not carry excess fluid into the dough and therefore can be added at the end of the kneading time or as a topping just prior to baking. These include a wide range of seeds, grains and nuts. Our favourites include; sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, oats and linseed. Also in this category would be dried fruit and vegetables such as; herbs, dried onion, sundried tomato, chilli flakes, dried apricots, dates, figs, prunes, raisins, sultanas and so on.

Wet ingredients are those which do bring extra fluid into the dough and are best added at the beginning of the dough making process and therefore become part of the kneading. This does not limit you at all but may need some creative thinking to keep the dough working well. For example remove as much of the excess fluid as you can or include it in the total fluid required for your recipe. Our favourite wet ingredients include; apple, pear, beetroot, garlic, olives, fresh chilli, even sausage or preserved meats. Use your imagination!