Thinking of starting your own Bread Church?

If you would like us to come and help you start your own Bread Church then contact us. This leaflet tells you all about how we can help.
Thinking of starting a Bread Church – A4

This page tells you how we do it, step by step.
Using our schedule as a guide you can build your own.

It is really quite easy to start your own Bread Church. It just takes a bit of planning and some patience and lots of grace during the early days as you get used to your particular context. Our Bread Church is a morning event finishing with a shared soup lunch. It would be just as easy to start at around 3pm and finish with supper/dinner at 6pm. Or to have an afternoon Bread Church finishing with scones for an afternoon tea (just don’t make the soup or rolls). Just work out when is the best time of day for your situation and adapt our schedule to fit your needs. We are always happy to help with advice and guidance, just get in touch via the contact page.

Stafford Bread Church – schedule
9am-9.45am – our team of facilitators arrive to set up the room and ready the kitchen & equipment.
As we don’t know exactly how many people will come to Bread Church we lay out the room in some faith! We can always add extra bowls and so on – and often do.
Each person will need;
a mixing bowl
a dough scraper
two tins to put the dough in
On a centre table we put the yeast, salt and water jugs (warm water as per the recipe), pens to write their name on the tins, oil & brushes to oil their tins before putting the shaped dough in.
The flour sacks are to the side of the ingredients table in a wheelie bin type box so that folk can get the flour they need. People can then bring their bowls up to add other ingredients ready to mix the dough.
Scales are put on each table for around four people to share. We always weigh in flour and water to have an accurate ‘hydration’ (the ratio of flour to water). We use a 6o% hydration level. So as per the recipe for 500g flour it is 300g by weight of water.

10am-11.30am – people arrive and make their dough. We make a one-rise bread at our Bread Church as we know that, like us, most places will not have proving cupboards to help the dough rise quickly enough to have time for two rises before home time. Sometimes we have a ‘big teach in’ during which one of our experienced bread makers will show visitors how to make the dough, but most of the time people will help one another one to one with those who’ve made before assisting those who are less confident at this stage. People pick it up after a few times at Bread Church.
Remember each person makes two loaves, one to keep and one to give away.
The facilitators will also make up the rolls for lunch and make the soup. We have put some of our favourite soup recipes here for you to start with. Anyone is welcome to help learn how to do this and often will help after they have made their dough up.

11.30am – first time visitors are invited to make the super scones, helped by one of the facilitators for the session. Click here for the scones recipe.

Noon – the rolls and scones are baked so they have time to cool before lunch. The soup is tasted and has the last finishing touches done.
The facilitators will invite folk to clean and lay up the tables for lunch. Plate, spoon, knife & table prayer. The soup bowls are put on the centre table for serving. Also on the tables go butter, grated cheese and often chillies for those who like a bit of hot, hot, hot in their soup.
The Storyteller Bible (which can be bought by clicking here), the prayer boxes (which have been at other events during the week and are available all morning for people to add their prayers to) and the table prayer are all made ready.

12.30pm – A Bible story is read, prayers are offered, table liturgy is said together. The prayer boxes that have travelled around to our other work and gathered the prayers of those attending are opened and the prayers offered too. Then everyone shares lunch together. The soup is served and the rest of the wonderful food is already on the tables for people to enjoy.
The loaves people have made are baked off during lunch and are left to cool.

1.30pm – Everyone is invited to pitch in and help wash up, tidy up, and put away. If there is any food leftover nothing is wasted or thrown away. It is available to any who want to take some away with them. We have take away soup pots for leftover soup and paper bags for any spare rolls & scones. Everyone takes their loaves away with them. We use paper bags especially if the loaves are still warm. Each person takes two loaves, one for themselves, the other to give away together with a little card ‘advertising’ Bread Church and encouraging those who receive a loaf to join us at Bread Church and people come. Mission…..simple.

2.00pm – home time as we look forward to our next time together at Bread Church.