How do we do it

Bread Church brings the hands on bread making experience to your home, faith-place, school, college, club or society, indeed anywhere people can gather. We will teach you how to make your own homemade bread and more.

All we need is a suitable room with solid tables for kneading, chairs to sit on whilst having a cuppa and a chat as the dough rises, an oven to cook the loaves in and some people who want to reconnect with the bread they eat.

Have a group but don’t have an oven where you meet? Not to worry Bread Church can provide the dough making experience even if you have no access to an oven and send you away with your dough in a container ready to bake yourself in your own oven at home. We’ll bring fresh baked Bread Church rolls and tasty soup with us for your group to share a meal together. Then you can taste what you’ll bake at home! All we need is access to a normal electric plug socket to heat the soup. Just let us know when you contact us.