Close To Source

Close To Source (CTS) is simply a way of eating that encourages responsible and healthy eating in a simple and sustainable way.

Often eating close to source has meant clean food defined by some authors such as Terry Walters in her book ‘Clean Food’ as less processed food, more whole grains, no dairy products, and certainly no meat, but she insists that clean food offers plenty of appealing, assertive flavours to satisfy consumers. She believes in the healthy virtues of thorough chewing, disciplined eating, and balanced living.

For many people this can be a way to a better and more healthy lifestyle but for most of us it simply cannot fit in with our daily life in a sustainable way, so we don’t do it! For me, Close To Source, is a simple way of changing your thinking about food which draws from the clean food way of thinking but seeks to fit it better with most people’s current lifestyle.

In short Close To Source means eating food that has both travelled as short a distance as possible to your table AND has had as little processing as possible too. It means accessing as much local produce as possible (and that means buying British and European produce wherever possible as well as food from your immediate locality), it means buying and eating seasonally (no more strawberries in winter), it means food that is as little processed as possible (so much less in the way of chocolate bars, cakes, pastry products and fast-food, sorry) and it means cooking food less and in ways that are more sustainable (such as slow cooking).

Close To Source means good, homemade, sustainable, organic, local and tasty food without having to become vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian or dairy-free!